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Choose a financial program that fits your needs and your budget

Gone are the days when paper-based ledgers were the only option to track key accounting tasks. Now, a plethora of small business accounting software choices are available. Accounting software can help your business in numerous ways: reducing errors, saving time, organizing customer data, streamlining payroll and giving you a complete view of your company's financial status. With a clear picture of your financials, you can make smarter business decisions.

Before choosing among software accounting systems, here are some key questions:
  1. Can it scale or upgrade if my business grows?
  2. Is it easy to learn and easy to use?
  3. Does it have all the features I need?
  4. Does it have features I don't need?
  5. Will it run on my computer?
  6. Will it work on an office network?
  7. Does the vendor offer online and phone support?
  8. Is the price right for my needs?
Tips & Tactics to Get the Most from Small Business Accounting Software

Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide
  • If you're new to business accounting, consider a solution that also has books — as opposed to online help guides — available to step you through accounting software and the accounting process.
  • As you evaluate small business accounting software packages, make sure that your industry-specific versions or add-ons are priced right for your needs, and that you buy the correct version — for example, 'basic,' 'pro' or 'enterprise.'
  • If more than one person will use your accounting software from more than a single computer, make sure that your version will run on a network and/or is priced right for multiple licenses.
  • Don't always choose based only a price. A solution that saves you $30 might cost you hours of time if it's harder to use or requires customization.

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